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Seb and Polly Planet

on their Ocean Quest

Written by Michelle Cassar

Since Blue Planet Two, the problem of plastic pollution has made dramatic headlines. This daunting problem can feel overwhelming, even to adults. Through the magical adventures of daring Seb, children learn about the effects of plastic pollution and, more importantly, are enlightened as to the simple and practical ideas on how they can help prevent it. In this fun-filled book our strong, compassionate, female superhero Polly Planet (plus narwhals, albatrosses and a leatherback turtle) opens Seb's eyes to the challenges facing the ocean from plastic pollution and teaches her ways on how to overcome them. With Polly's guidance, Seb learns the ultimate truth: that her actions really can make a difference to the world.

Digital illustrations with line drawings, digital photo collage and promotion material including animated gifs, 

mailing and social media posts.

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© Eve Bourrat

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